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The collaboration between Ashley Graham and Marina Rinaldi has resulted in a brand new capsule collection that reinterprets denim starting at the level of design and image.

The Max Mara Group brand chose a luxury denim to be the prime focus of this project, dedicated to the woman who more than any other has known how to transform herself into a curvy global icon.

It is truly a first in so many ways.

For the first time the Marina Rinaldi style office has developed a capsule around a woman, making use of Ashley Graham‘s very active contribution to create a mini collection that expresses all her disruptive personality and that at the same time responds to the dreams and needs of women around the world.

For the first time, Marina Rinaldi has chosen to use denim, fully expressing its absolute versatility. This fabric is suited to every woman, lending itself to the creation of the most varied silhouettes, at the same time being both casual and fashionable, aggressive and exceptionally feminine.

Moreover, the range of sizes makes it possible to dress any body type with careful pattern work, further underlining the transversality of the product.